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Do’s and Don’ts of Tile Care

Are you looking for ways to keep your tile looking new? Below are some suggestions that will ensure your tile not only looks great but withstands the test of time. If you have any questions on tile, please feel free to contact us at Fairfax Floors (941) 342-1877 or visit our website at www.sarasota-flooring.com for more tips and ideas on keeping all the floors in your home beautiful.
DO NOT: Use steel wool pads, scouring pads, or any item containing harsh aids like metal.
DO NOT: Clean using ammonia. Ammonia will discolor the grout.
DO NOT: Use cleansers that contain any bleach and/or acid for cleaning and maintenance.
DO NOT: Use any oil-based detergents, wax cleaners, or sealants in the maintenance of your tiles.
DO NOT: Use agents that contain dye/color on stone or unglazed ceramic tile.
DO: Seal on all grouted joints.
DO: Test scouring powders on a small area or a sample tile first (would not be recommended for natural stone).
DO: Have any damaged or broken tiles removed and replaced only by a qualified contractor.
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