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luxury vinyl flooringLuxury Vinyl Planks and Tile provide resilient, waterproof flooring. Vinyl flooring has been around for many years but today’s luxury vinyl products offer innovative technology for high-performance flooring.

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Luxury vinyl wood flooring

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Luxury vinyl comes in tiles or planks and replicates the look of natural hard flooring such as:

• porcelain tile
• stone
• wood

It boasts realistic visuals of natural materials with beautiful colors and rich surface textures.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring provides exceptional resistance to:

• Water
• Scuff
• Stain
• Scratch

It is extremely durable but soft underfoot providing outstanding comfort.

Luxury vinyl’s easy maintenance, performance and durability, as well as the wide selection of styles, make it a perfect choice for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Luxury Vinyl products look like hardwood floors, however, they offer better stability, and they are waterproof. Unlike traditional wood floors, Luxury Vinyl can be installed practically anywhere in your home. Luxury Vinyl products are also available in tile and stone looks. There are two installation methods possible depending on the type of product. Luxury Vinyl flooring can either be glued for dry back products or floated for those with a “click” system.
Luxury Vinyl is made up of a transparent wear layer, a patterned image, a fiberglass core, and a support base. Each plank has an UV-cured urethane finish. The UV urethane finish process ensures non-yellowing over time, and withstands abrasion and foot traffic, even in commercial settings. Some products include a pad or cork underlayment as well.
Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles can be installed, below, on or above grade, all levels, and all rooms. It just has to be “in” the house not outside. Luxury Vinyl can be installed directly over most existing flooring.
A mild neutral detergent (or ammonia and clean warm water) can be used on Luxury Vinyl flooring.
For an easier installation, it is recommended that Luxury Vinyl flooring be acclimated. To do so, store the unopened boxes in the room where the floor is to be installed for at least 48 hours prior to installation. Heating/air conditioning must be on and set between 65 - 85 °F (18.3 - 29.5 °C).
Yes, but be sure to use a proper floor mat that will not stain.
A fiberglass scrim is not the same as a fiberglass grid (or mesh). A scrim is a thin layer that is applied to the bottom or top of the product. A fiberglass grid or mesh is inserted into the core of a product and it promotes the dimensional stability of the product. It is critical that a floating Luxury Vinyl product has a fiberglass grid/mesh within; otherwise, you would see irregular and excessive expansion and contraction of the product reacting on a seasonal basis. Fiberglass scrim will only stabilize the surface of the product (top or bottom) which equates to 25% of the product. A grid or mesh will stabilize 100% of the product because it is placed within the core of the product. It is not hard to determine which method is better!
Luxury Vinyl can be installed on any level of any home - including bathrooms and laundry rooms! • Waterproof and moisture proof - Okay to wet mop! • Extremely stable • Fiberglass core layer • Perfect for large areas (commercial) - No transitions needed • Can go through doorways with no transitions • ¼ perimeter allows for standard shoe molding • No underlayment • No adhesive necessary making it cost efficient • Quiet and soft underfoot • Realistic wood visuals • A true DIY product - Easy to install: no glue, no mess, no additional tools needed • Floating installation helps subfloor imperfections
Yes, always use non staining pads to prevent indentations and scratches.
Yes, your urethane top coat finish can be recoated. Always contact a flooring professional before under taking this process.
A urethane finish helps repel stains and prevents fading.
It does, not because of moisture, but more so from heat.
Yes, any deep or wide grout lines must be leveled so they are flush with the tile surface. However, some newer products require no leveling.
It can be installed over a single layer of sheet vinyl.
It can, only if the system uses water for heat. Electrical systems are not recommended or covered under warranty.
Yes, use the same adhesive that is used for the dry back/glue down products.
No, it is not required but recommended in most cases, especially installation upstairs.
Yes, the luxury vinyl flooring is virtually waterproof and can be wet mopped frequently.


(Within 24 hours of Installation): Dry back products:
  • Ensure to set room temperature and allow proper drying time according to the adhesive manufacturer's instructions before walking or placing furniture and appliances on your new floor.
  • Ventilate the area for 48 to 72 hours.
All types:
  • Be careful when placing furniture and appliances over your new floor. For heavy items, it is recommended to use furniture sliders.
  • Check the condition of all the casters or rollers on your furniture before setting them on your floor. Replace any worn ones.
  • Protect your vinyl floor by covering furniture legs with felt protectors.
(Recommended Weekly):
  • Regularly sweep your floor with a soft bristle broom to remove dirt and grit to prevent scratches.
  • Mop the floor with a microfiber mop, or equivalent, using a mild neutral detergent (or ammonia and clean warm water) to remove dirt and grime.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Wipe up spills with a clean white cloth dampened with warm water.
  • Never use abrasive or acid based cleaners, soaps, paste waxes, solvents or “mop and shine” products, as they can leave a film that will discolor the floor or make it appear dull.
  • When vacuuming, do not use a vacuum with a rotary beater bar as it may damage the surface of the material.
  • Do not use wax or polish. Do not buff.