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Dream Weaver Carpet with PureColor®

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Dream Weaver Carpet with PureColor®

Dream Weaver is constantly innovating to make their carpet better so your family will get the most comfortable and durable carpet possible. They have a range of styles to fit your needs and their PureColor system ensures your carpet and its color will last. Dream Weaver’s proprietary PureColor solution-dyed fiber is superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers. Imagine the difference between a carrot and radish.  The color on traditional carpet fibers sits on top like the red skin of a radish.  With PureColor, the color penetrates the fiber like the orange of a carrot.  Dream Weaver carpet: doesn’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight; won’t wear, even in high-traffic areas and has built-in soil resistance; won’t bleach from spot cleaning, even with household cleaners; and resists staining, even from things like red wine, chocolate and pet stains.  Come visit our showroom to find an option to fit your home and lifestyle.


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