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Lauzon Pure Genius® – Air-Purifying Smart Hardwood Floors

Lauzon Pure Genius® – Air-Purifying Smart Hardwood Floors

Lauzon is passionate about revealing the beauty of wood, and it’s easy to understand why. Every species of tree has its own character. Within species, every individual has distinctive patterned grains that, when treated with art and science, impart remarkable natural beauty to any decor.

All Lauzon’s floors are manufactured without solvents, volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde and meet the strictest standards for toxic emissions. And their Pure Genius floors go even further in striving for purity through an exclusive advanced technology. Pure Genius is a light-activated, air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish.


Activated By Light
Pure Genius works all on its own. Natural or artificial light activates the titanium dioxide in Pure Genius, setting the air-purifying agent in motion.

Triggered By the Movement of Air
The air circulation generated by your movement through a room or a fan is all that’s needed for the toxic contaminants present in the air to enter in contact with the active Pure Genius nanoparticles.

Floors That Filter
The active nanoparticles in Pure Genius decompose toxic contaminants in the air (formaldehyde and other pollutants) and convert them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules.


Pure Genius helps improve your health and those who share your home in several ways while bettering air quality:

  • Perfect floor for families with kids
  • The only air-purifier hardwood floor in the world
  • Makes the air in your home up to 85% purer
  • Reduces symptoms of respiratory (asthma & allergies) and immunosuppressive disorders
  • Actively suppresses potentially carcinogenic emissions (formaldehyde, solvents, volatile organic compounds and other air-borne pollutants)
  • Decomposes up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Reduces stubborn odors (cooking, smoke, pets, etc.)
  • Disperses hardwood floor cleaners more easily, giving you cleaner floors


Pure Genius works constantly, without any loss of performance over time for as long as the finish lasts. Pure Genius improves the indoor air quality of your home without compromising the quality and appearance of your hardwood flooring. It makes the air in your home up to 85% purer. It’s pure genius!


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