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Waterproof Hardwood Makes a Splash

Waterproof and water-resistant flooring, in general, has brought a lot to the flooring industry over the last year. Many companies have started designing and producing their own versions of waterproof flooring, and one of the newest and biggest contenders can be found in the hardwood segment.

The waterproof hardwood category is garnering attention because it offers the benefits of vinyl — namely resistance to water and scratching — while delivering the visuals consumers equate with and expect from hardwood flooring. Suppliers of waterproof hardwood flooring reported its performance offers increased durability, extended warranties, low maintenance and authentic and attractive visuals.

Most waterproof hardwood has a unique layered structure that resists mold and mildew as well as stains and chips or dents on the surface. For Shaw Floors’ Floorté, the waterproof construction starts with the core.

“Floorté Hardwood utilizes an inherently waterproof SPC core to give consumers the stability, strength and protection they expect with the added beauty of an authentic hardwood veneer on the surface,“ explains a Shaw hardwood and laminate category manager.

The technology being used makes it possible for these waterproof hardwood products to be installed in areas where they previously couldn’t be. A senior product director for wood and laminate at Mohawk, offered an overview of Mohawk’s own waterproof system, RevWood, and said, “RevWood adds a level of realism to previous hardwood designs; giving consumers what they are looking for. We expect this product to remain popular and continue to evolve because of the price points, the warranty and the durability.”

Non-waterproof flooring, if exposed to liquid for a prolonged amount of time, will absorb that liquid and the product will bloat or expand. Because of its roots in both vinyl and hardwood, COREtec is able to provide the consumer with the best of both worlds — real wood flooring with the benefits of vinyl. A USFloors’ product development manager, said that COREtec sales continue to gain momentum. “COREtec Wood’s rigid mineral core makes the product very dimensionally stable and minimizes the amount of expansion/contraction. The core is also waterproof and more stable than traditional engineered hardwood HDF and plycores.”

A USFloors’ category manager, also commented on the design of COREtec, explaining, “Real wood veneers cover an innovative, hand-formed mineral core to create a carefree floor with truly authentic wood grains, tones and appeal. COREtec Wood’s revolutionary mineral core is extremely rigid and completely waterproof. Plus, Mother Nature ensures that no two planks are identical.”

Originally appeared on FloorCoveringWeekly.com

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