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Tile Offers Trending Sizes and Formats

Tile is a versatile product that can be installed almost anywhere and can be customized to create exactly what the consumer is looking for. Whether big or small, classic or modern, thick or thin, tile is available in a variety of sizes and formats to choose from.

Creating Continuity 

End-users in both residential and commercial are utilizing large tile panels to connect different rooms and make the entire space feel continuous. Large format tile is a growing trend to pair with open concept, ‘blurred boundaries’ design. The concept of blurred boundaries can be achieved with larger format tile, whether an interior open-floor plan or extended to an outdoor living space. Visual continuity due to fewer grout joints, creates a more cohesive look throughout the space. Bigger tiles are perfect to create seamless and immersive surfaces, where the eye can flow almost without interruption.

People appreciate the elegant look to continuous surfaces that tile provides and are using them for commercial and residential, interior and exterior applications. The very nature of the material makes it suitable for many applications, including large scale surfaces, curved areas, backlit surfaces, floors and walls. Large format slabs in the form of thin tile are used for floor and walls. Smaller tiles allow for floor irregularities or for intentionally sloped floors like showers or areas with drains.

Bigger & Better 

Tiny spaces are made expansive with the use of large tile. The most simplistic designs have major impact when offered in panels and slabs. People love the visual impact these huge pieces have; that they are uninterrupted by grout lines further emphasizes the visual. Large formats are dramatic and a great way to make a bold design statement. Plus, they can extend a visual flow from room to room.

Consumers are utilizing large format tiles for wow factor spaces like a book matched fireplace or accent wall. They can often be seen in shower wall installations as well since they require less grout lines and maintenance.

Collections Create Choice 

From tiny ceramic chiclets to huge porcelain panels and rectangles to geometrics to organically fluid arabesques, ceramic material is nearly limitless in how it can be formed and fabricated. Personal preference and design intent are the key to successful specification with this material.

Tile can be offered in a myriad of sizes and shapes, which helps make tile an exciting design element in any space. There are lots of different sizes offered in the world of tile, ranging from the smaller mosaic chips to the big panoramic slabs. When it comes to choosing the right tile size and format, the sky is the limit.

Excerpts from FloorCoveringWeekly.com

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