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The Wonders of Waterproof

It is now common for consumers to go to a retail store in search of waterproof flooring, with the expectation it will be beautiful as well as durable. But with so much to choose from, it is important to understand the different features and benefits and what each product can promise.

Tile has always been 100 percent waterproof standing up to liquids, water, and general moisture. It also is ideal in an environment where sanitation is top of mind. Unlike other surfaces, tile is hard and impervious, so it is innately resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is also a hypoallergenic surface that harbors no odor or bacteria. Tile is made from all natural materials, requires low maintenance, and is durable and scratch resistant.

Laminate now has water-resistant properties as well. New technology is applied to the edges and can be installed in a waterproof system by sealing the perimeter of the room with silicone caulk. Digital printing also makes it look more realistic and natural by minimizing pattern repeats.

A waterproof or water-resistant quality can become a priority in the conversation around active homes where kids, pets, and constant motion can raise the likelihood of spills and water hitting the floor frequently. There are many waterproof and water-resistant hardwoods on the market today. And waterproof capabilities have expanded across nearly all hard surface categories.

There are other advantages of waterproof flooring that go hand-in-hand with performance against moisture. Luxury vinyl floors can help solve issues with acoustics, add warmth and comfort underfoot, offer scratch resistance, make cleanup easy, and so much more.

Excerpts from FloorCoveringWeekly.com

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